We are dedicated to providing market-based solutions to Commodities, Energy and Mineral investment in operating companies, ecosystem development and capacity building in emerging markets.


Asset Management

GCP's entrepreneurial culture encourages constant improvement by being fault-tolerant, underscoring a focus on performance, that is, an unrelenting commitment to objectively prove that an idea “has to work.

  • Emerging Markets Fund
  • Mission-Related Portfolio
  • Leverage Buyouts

Hedge Fund

Giantfuse's established approach to rigorous research, with its monitoring of technicals and the edge it gains through intense data application and analysis, is unique among wealth managers.

  • Equity Markets
  • Commodities
  • Wealth Management--

Impact Investing

We move beyond microfinance and subsequently founded the impact investment approach of creating equity infusions, and we have conviction about a solution, we will then execute— by building, buying, or investing in whatever it takes to solve the problem we identified..

  • Social Investing
  • Environmental Management
  • Information and Communications Technologies (ICT)& Clean Tech

Our Sectors

Broadband services and ICT Solution

Internet broadband and streaming media application, customaizable bandwidth solution.

Commodity Trading

Fustrade.com, a commodity trading platform, a based e-commerce site dwarfs all commodity marketing we buy and sell on our platform.

Social Impact

An organization that identifies hard problems and assembles experts, IP and experiments that allow us to learn about these problems deeply.

Industrial Services

The retail arm of Giantfuse, serving business users on the Construction, Energy & mining, Environmental and Logistics soultions to both Industrial and Public clients.


Our agro-processing project that focuses on partnering with farmers in distributing products in the marketplace.


About Us, Our Mission and Vision

Giantfuse Capital Partners is an African commodities and services company based in Johannesburg South Africa. Founded in 2018, with Environmental services, Energy and Minerals subsidiary projects creating a core efforts of creating value in the Sub Saharan African Economy.

Our Focus is on improving the underlying conditions and putting existing strategies and support mechanisms into effect. We are a gateway of marketing environmental services, energy and Mineral products produced in the Sub Saharan Africa.

Operations in 2019 The focus in 2019 was to ensure further development of a high-performance company. This included planning for a new organizational structure to ensure efficient deployment of expertise as well as further investment in technology and cybersecurity, and placing a strong emphasis on building reputation and brand value.

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